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Wit speelt en maakt remise / White to play and draw

1.Bf1! [1.Qxc4+? Nxc4 2.Bf1 Kxb6 3.Bxc4 Rd2–+] 1...Qxf1 2.Qc8+ Nb7! [2...Kxb6 3.Qc7+ Ka6 4.Qa7#] 3.Qxb7+ Ka5 4.Qa7+! Trading queens with a rook behind is paradoxically the key to salvation!  [The more natural option 4.Qd5+? fails to 4...Kxa4! 5. b7 Qa6+ 6.Kb8 Rxb7+!! The one and only!  7. Qxb7 Qxd6+ 8.Ka7 Ka5! followed by queen exchanges after which pawn is won for black. e.g. 9.Qb1 Qa6+ 10.Kb8 Qb6+–+ 4.Qc8? is met by Rb4! And black wins in all lines.] 4...Qa6 [After 4...Kb4 5.b7 Qf3 6.Qb6+ Ka3 7.Qc7= Black can make no progress.] 5. Qxa6+ Kxa6 6.a5! Rb5!

 Time to call it a day?  7. b7!! [Not quite! White gives away his last hope! Not 7.a4? Rxa5 8.b7 Kb6+–+] 7...Rxb7 8.a4! Threatening...stalemate!  8...Ra7+ 9.Kb8 Rb7+ What else?  10. Ka8! It's a fortress in which black, a rook ahead may choose between repeating moves or stalemate!  ½–½